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BREATHE! Health and Wealth Summit & Expo, the first high-energy leadership development event, designed to provide usable information and valuable practices to effectively maximize profitability. Peer-to-Peer; Business Leaders, C-Suite Executive, and Business Owners.

You are a leader. You will come already empowered; you will leave as an EXTRAORDINARY Leader.


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Health and Wealth Summit & Expo



As a valued supporter and event partner, we want to thank you for your patience.  Over the past year, event and tradeshow producers globally have been faced with the hardest challenges. As an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present, many transitioned their live events to a digital experience.  However, feedback and extensive market research has shown that participants have not received the “WOW” effect from any digital event, and are feeling the effects of Digital-Fatigue. Currently, the impetuous live conventions, trade shows, and summits have resulted in more exhibitors than attendees. Industry experts and partners have warned that the effectiveness and participation of live events will not prove its value until Q4.


Our intention to produce and deliver an event with the best experience for all partners, participants, and attendees will remain. Just as the brand clearly states “Health and Wealth,” our commitment to safety and well-being is top priority. Therefore, we recognize uncertainties still remain. With wisdom, it is of the best interest of all that we continue to observe the circumstances beyond the reasonable control of 5AM Global; capacity restrictions, social distance mandates, vaccination progress, COVID-19 cases, social climate and technological solutions before sharing and publicly announcing a new date and location for BREATHE! Health and Wealth Summit & Expo. When the new date and location are determined, we will send an official notification. In light of Force Majeure and remaining uncertainties, we will rollover your sponsor/partnership to the following year. 


5AM Global looks forward to producing our intended live event!

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5AM Global is a producer of experiences, live and digital, B2B events, B2C engagements that connect and retain their target audience. Known as the “legend-maker” because we create a valuable and unique vehicle for our clients to gain recognition as their industry’s top choice. 


Our dynamic team of passionate and talented professionals combine creative, out-of-the-box techniques with best practices that effectively exceed expectation for our clients to surpass their competition...

...Become Legendary.™

5AM Global - Executive Team

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Shawn Willis

Founder & CEO

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JF Antonio Rodriguez

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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